MANTA Instruments Inc.

MANTA produces scientific instruments that characterize nanoparticles much more effectively than existing products. The Company sells these instruments to customers that use nanoparticles in their products or services. As validated by MANTA’s customers, industry thought leaders, and leading researchers, existing instruments for characterizing nanoparticles are unable to: a) Adequately measure concentration of nanoparticles b) Accurately visualize and measure samples with mixed nanoparticle sizes c) Reliably measure particle kinetic processes d) Enumerate different colloid constituents in the same sample.

MANTA’s ViewSizer® 3000 addresses all four unmet needs described above with one easy to use bench-top instrument.

Our History

Pedigreed Technology

The underlying optical and software technologies used by MANTA to accurately measure size and concentration of nanoparticles were developed at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). MANTA has the exclusive license to this technology from UCSD and the Company has developed its own proprietary technology around the original IP.


MANTA successfully graduated from EvoNexus incubator program.
The EvoNexus mission is to build a sustainable, community supported, technology incubator to launch companies, raise capital, and create outcomes. Highlights as of October 2015 include:

145 portfolio companies (less than 1 admitted per 9 applications),
17 acquisitions and a total of $1.03B in fundings & outcomes
1,000 + jobs created

Management Team

Kuba Tatarkiewicz

VP Engineering

Board of directors

Advisory Board


The Triton Technology Fund is MANTA’s seed stage investor
The Triton Technology <span>Fund is MANTA’s seed stage investor</span>
JPIF is MANTA’s lead A round investorwith participation from the Triton Technology Fund
JPIF is MANTA’s lead A round investor<span>with participation from the Triton Technology Fund</span>